TikTok and Thoughts* on Belonging

Let me begin by saying how grateful I am that Instagram and Facebook did not exist when I was in middle or high school. (Frankly, college, too.) Which is going to be fairly counterintuitive to a lot of what follows. Life would be far too boring without contradiction! I was never much of a Music.ly … Continue reading TikTok and Thoughts* on Belonging


Over the past week, I have had an opportunity to do some introspection. It has not been terribly comfortable. And continues to not be terribly comfortable: seeing your foibles, mistakes, laziness, and manifested insecurities laid out before you is...uh...painful. This evening that introspection drove me into the depths of some of the oldest posts here, … Continue reading Introspection

enough for now

for accountability: three days ago i resolved to begin writing every day again. the bulk of this writing, i believe, will be private. but a small taste into content these days:   this morning i wrote about visiting a church yesterday for the first time since december, and conversing with a (lovely) associate pastor regarding life, … Continue reading enough for now

bravery and bills: a small update (i moved!)

tomorrow marks sixty days since i quietly drove away from east texas and pastorship in the united methodist church. the path before me was foggy, both literally (there was actual heavy fog!) and figuratively (how long will i be in colorado? is this relationship too good to be true? where will i work?).  it was … Continue reading bravery and bills: a small update (i moved!)