santa ali wa?

something i have noticed about christmas in uganda: santa claus is very absent. as is gift giving on christmas. (and even epiphany, for that matter). saint nick doesn't seem to get a mention among the catholics either... i wonder why that is?

christmas is coming

christmas is coming and my ankles are swollen. the past few days have brought a lot of travel and therefore a lot of traveling...hence the swollen ankles. week before last i made the 10 hour drive from kotido to kampala... then sat for about 6 hours on monday (last) from kampala to kabale, where mcc … Continue reading christmas is coming


there are a lot of things that i have been neglecting recently. this blog would be one of them. i sat down today with the intention of blogging something¬† interesting and this seems to be all that is coming out at the moment. so let this small post serve as a promise to blog more … Continue reading neglect