into what then were you baptized? or, birds–baptism–birth [a sermon]

a sermon preached for the texas youth academy reunion 2015 and submitted to the texas annual conference annual conference board of ordained ministry in consideration for ordination this year. acts 19:1-7 while apolos was in corinth, paul passed through the interior regions and came to ephesus, where he found some disciples. he said to them, … Continue reading into what then were you baptized? or, birds–baptism–birth [a sermon]

reflections on the first last midwinters

i usually reflect on my midwinter experience, but this weekend and next have been/are my last ignite*midwinter retreats in my current appointed position--so my reflections have felt more pressing and weighty. endings are interesting things. a few thoughts: thursday afternoon and evening i found myself printing student and adult curriculum, stuffing them into folders and … Continue reading reflections on the first last midwinters

into the desert

[[a couple¬†quick lenten announcements: a) rethinkchurch has provided another 40 day photo opportunity, so you will find my #40days tab contains new activity throughout this season. all will be posted on social media on their day and will follow as time allows in the tab. b) i hope to be writing more throughout lent. not … Continue reading into the desert


your air, your earth-- woven into the tapestry the tapestry of my being the more i linger-- the more of you grows and takes root-- like a protected acacia tall and strong: bold. the equatorial sun casts deep shadows-- of a love i do not understand upon my heart.