c25k: untitled

my running shoes are stained with the orange-red sand-dust of karamoja. when i loosen the drawstring a cloud of that orange-red sand-dust leaps from the tongue of each shoe and makes me feel romantic about that hot and dusty place called kotido. kotido: that place i learned to run. my favorite running socks, despite numerous … Continue reading c25k: untitled

giving thanks [hands]

today i am thankful for the hands that have held mine, pushed me, held me up and caught me when i fell, for the hands who have taught and encouraged--for the hands who continue to do so--and for all those who are yet to be found. love.    

re-entry: you don’t get it [being in uganda was not an ‘experience’]

recently while talking with a few other mcc-returnees the subject turned towards friends, family and stranger's reactions to our "being home" in north america. we all had a shared experience of some variation of the following reactions: "well! you must be glad that's over!" "that must have been quite the experience. but, now you're home." … Continue reading re-entry: you don’t get it [being in uganda was not an ‘experience’]

“what do you miss?”

a question that keeps coming up as i re-enter the united states is "what do you miss?" let me show you, at least in part, "what" i miss: light   faces and hands   where i ran   my animal/children   paths and places   friends/family