on the lonestar bus in the lone star state…looking forward to 70 degree weather for this day and a half trip to houston. then its back to snow and sheep in illinois.

stay tunes, adventure highlights to come soon.


my current view, somewhere in texas.

mint creek: punctuation

my days are punctuated with little tiny beings.

the comma of a new born who has lost its mother and moving her back towards the baby until they are reunited.

the exclamation point of the baby goat struggling to stand taking its first step.

the semi-colon of bottle feeding three baby sheep and a baby goat throughout the day.

the finality of a period–finding a wee one that has “expired” and removing it from the pen.

tomorrow we do it all again

in lieu of an update…

in lieu of an update on the new goings on in the life of t i’m going to give you some food for thought. i first heard about this concept of “natural” foie gras on “this american life” recently. this evening we gathered around to watch the ted talk that was the precursor to the TAL conversation. for now, i leave you with the concept of “natural “foie gras, and a wonder if you will wonder with me about a move toward a more natural and nature-friendly keeping of animals and plants. enjoy, friends.