visiting lobanya

this past saturday, (which was now last saturday not the one we just had) in what can only be described as  true 'green-hipster' fashion, i took a community-group day-trip to a local garden. (i know, right?) however this experience was Truly Ugandan in many ways: housemate and i did not know if we were going … Continue reading visiting lobanya

and epic-tale: from lodwar to kotido

prepare thyself with mead and roasted meat, for below thou shalt find a truly epic tale of journey and patience/woe... this tale should begin with me telling you that the journey from kotido to lodwar on friday took maybe about 6 hours. we actually drove out of kotido town around 7:30 a.m. and arrived in … Continue reading and epic-tale: from lodwar to kotido

i fear

sometimes when i'm just waking up, in those moments before the as-close-to-lucidity-i-can-be-without-coffee begins i wonder where i am waking up. this, i believe, stems from a fear of one morning waking up in my old bed in my hometown (where i haven't lived since high school years) and this whole adventure of college, grad school … Continue reading i fear