summer memories

summer. that great break for more tests or papers or assignments. some of my favorite summer memories are from the very beginning of summer when the newness of that fabulous and ever-longed for three-month-holiday was still fresh. long evenings on the front porch of friends or my back deck in north carolina...enjoying the … Continue reading summer memories


recently when driving back from kampala to kotido i was stopped by the traffic police. we had just crossed the nile, and were creeping up the steep hill after the bridge. and i say creeping because a)the car was quite full of stuff and heavy and, ergo the car moved even slower than usual. b)its … Continue reading ergo…scruples


ramblings and wondering [stream of consciousness] on provision... recently i have been thinking a lot about provision and being provided for or being a provider...or about god as provider etc. generally i come out of one of these thinking-sessions feeling inadequate, confused and sleepy. many times i am looked upon as a provider int his … Continue reading provision?