floods, floods, floods

did you know about the following floods in the world, right now: kenya (its still raining and dams are overflowing or about to...) pakistan (two villages slid into the river...) paupa new guinea ("we need to talk about climate change...") sir lanka (its not even monsoon season yet...) poland (worse in a decade) philippines (citizens … Continue reading floods, floods, floods

culture: two

yesterday afternoon (sunday) i did something terribly touristy. generally i am someone who, when traveling, tries to stay away from large groups of tourists. or, if i do get close/wrapped up in a tour-group i tend to observe them with as much fascination as i would observe any culture. travel, to me, should be an … Continue reading culture: two

a word cloud!

basically, i just think this thing is cool. supposedly these are the words i use the most here at kissthejoy. i wonder if it only counted the first page, but irregardless--its still neato. (nifty!)


*peacebuilding (peace-building? peace building?) and reconciliation: second edition addressing accommodation. some photos (from my camera phone, so don't judge the quality too closely) of my very dorm-room-esque room. and kiwi fruit. yes, this is all the clothing and jewelery i brought to kenya for an entire month. yes, i brought more pairs of earrings than … Continue reading PB&Rc:2-Accdn*


*peacebuilding (peace-building? peace building?) and reconciliation training: first entry-side-tracked: so, i'm in kenya at a peacebuilding (peace-building? peace building?) and reconciliation training for people working with/in religious organizations/ngos. we have had two full days of training and there is a lot to process and a lot to think about regarding my world-view, the world-views of … Continue reading PB&Rc:1-ST*