and now for more community reflection

recently i wrote about living in community--reflecting on the lessons of community and communal living that i have been learning in the past three*1* years. this week i have begun the arduous (and also gratifying/affirming) process of responding to the questions from the united methodist book of discipline (umc bod) one answers in their (hopefully) … Continue reading and now for more community reflection

foundations: working with and within limited resources (stoking creativity)

perhaps defining my work for the past three years having been with "limited resources" is still painting a picture that is not quite accurate. it is my assumption when one hears of "limited resources" in most places in the north american context one may think this means something like--"ah, well they don't have enough money … Continue reading foundations: working with and within limited resources (stoking creativity)

foundations: living simply & in community

it was while i was in grad school that i first heard the phrase "living in community." and i will readily admit that i thought this was just another pithy duke-appropriate buzz-phrase that a good moderate-to-liberal christian would toss about in conversation when talking about the Church and being a good moderate-to-liberal-non-evangelical-christian. this belief quickly … Continue reading foundations: living simply & in community