“why are millennials leaving the church?”

everyone’s favorite question and blog subject these days in many main line protestant denominations recently has been “why are millennials leaving the church?” or “how can we keep millennials in church?” coupled with the business world and “real adults” wondering, “when will millennials move out?” “how can we keep these fussy white* middle class young adults pleased?” 

i can answer the question of “why are millennials leaving the church” in a very brief way: because they were never really there anyway.

(millennial is my generation (although i started off as “y” but then we just were lumped into millennial. not quite “x-ers” and didn’t fight to be “y-ers” we became millennials at the age of 20something. whatever.)** 

we were either never there to begin with, so what would we be coming back to? 
or, because when we were there we were either taught too well how to be a disciple and get fed up when the local church isn’t Being The Freaking Church or we were never taught how to be a disciple and have no qualms leaving.

so, yeah, we’re bored, fussy and picky. we have a poor understanding of what it means to be a disciple or a hyper understanding of what it means to be a disciple. and either side of that equation just creates annoyance/frustration and apathy. why would i get up early on a sunday morning (my only day off) to attend an event where i am still bored and undernourished? 

maybe we didn’t leave church. maybe you left us, church.


*i dare you to tell me when “people” talk about millennials they aren’t predominately talking about white-middle-class millennails either within church circles or not.