Dear LGBT+ Ally,

Thank you, ally, for your support during #pridemonth.

I hope you are as enthusiastic the other 11 months of the year
sans glitter
and rainbow clothing.

When the protest continues and we LGBT+ people claw our way into the same sorts of privilege you get every day without thought. (Do not @ me.*)

When you put your rainbow tutu back in the closet (how dare you) until next year–
and when your work towards LGBT+ visibility takes a back seat,
when you do not have to worry about being abused, spit on, or shunned for holding your partner’s hand in public.

When you are given a decent table at a restaurant,
rather than the crap one that we get as a same-sex couple.

When you do not have to explain that, yes, one bed is fine to the skeptical hotelier.

I hope you are as enthusiastic about your ally pride when planning your next vacation,
and you do not have to think about if a particular city or country will reject your presence.

And when you meet your partner and want to plan your wedding,
and everyone is just thrilled for you and would love to bake your cake/create your bouquet/perform your ceremony.
[Or, I don’t know, actually attend your wedding.]

I hope that you remember that we don’t have a lot of space that is just ours. And while we continually welcome you into our (hard fought for) bars**, pride parades, protests, drag shows**, and fabulous lives, a large swath of your hetero community does not provide us the same welcome.

Remeber that 5-10% of LGBT youth will attempt suicide.
And that percentage goes up for youth raised in religious homes.

Remember that our families reject us.
And so do people who we thought were our friends.

carry your banner,
(and our flags)
yell your support,
wear rainbow colors.

Care all year.

you are a guest here.


*I know, I do: POC, women, persons of different abilities also face challenges and discrimination.

**ABOUT your hetero bachelorette parties. Can you just not? Thanks.


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