Over the past week, I have had an opportunity to do some introspection.
It has not been terribly comfortable.
And continues to not be terribly comfortable:
seeing your foibles, mistakes, laziness, and manifested insecurities laid out before you is…uh…painful.

This evening that introspection drove me into the depths of some of the oldest posts here, which did not really provide any succor, and I wondered if just archiving all the posts and starting over would help me to feel better.

Honestly, it probably would make me feel better. Even if just in the short term.
But probably only in the short term.
(This option is decidedly still on the table, I will say.)

Reading through sermons I wrote felt awkward, false.
Digitally thumbing through posts from my time in Kotido I came away wondering who that know-it-all was. (ouch).

Anyway, I’ve been doing some introspection this week.
It would seem I’m not done quite yet.

2 thoughts on “Introspection

  1. I was happy to see an email with a notice of another blogpost, thera–i feel like i’ve lost touch with who you are now, and you might feel the same about me, since i don’t even write a blog at all! what i see from you on instragram/FB is your joy in your marriage, your dog, your Colorado lifestyle, and i celebrate with you, but i don’t get to know about your vocation, where you are in your faith journey, what you’re reading and thinking about….so what I loved about those older, earlier posts is that you were sharing some of that with your friends. and i hope you will again. Love you forever, gann

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