#stopkony 2012: voices from the ground

in my first post regarding the kony2012 video i mentioned an organization in gulu (northern uganda) called arlpi (the acholi religious leaders peace initiative). since that post and a lot of the internet back-lash against the video the leadership at arlpi have viewed the video and made a response. both are well worth your time … Continue reading #stopkony 2012: voices from the ground

so, you want to donate money

this is the most complex and difficult part of this conversation--this conversation of helping, of hearing and responding, of engaging with the world outside your front door. welcome. this is a beautiful opportunity, and i am truly glad that you want to give. again let me stress the importance of research and knowledge. at the … Continue reading so, you want to donate money

the trouble with a single story [continuing to respond to “kony 2012”]

a list of sustainable organizations in uganda (northern and all other regions) is coming soon. before that, i wanted to expand a bit on some of the points i made in my last blog post "responding to kony2012". "it is impossible to engage properly with a place or person without engaging in all the stories … Continue reading the trouble with a single story [continuing to respond to “kony 2012”]