enough for now

for accountability: three days ago i resolved to begin writing every day again. the bulk of this writing, i believe, will be private. but a small taste into content these days:
this morning i wrote about visiting a church yesterday for the first time since december, and conversing with a (lovely) associate pastor regarding life, church, politics and youth ministry. it was familiar and hard at the same time.
it made my stomach hurt to go yesterday, and to write about it today.
my hesitation and trepidation was met with kindness and gentleness, and an apology for many larger institutions for naming me as “unfit for ministry” and a genuine desire to help me network in this valley i now call home.
for now this “extended-micro-blog” (shorter than a “normal” blog, longer than a tweet) is enough.

one day, perhaps a full-on blog post where i share the writing rather than writing about the writing.

doing the work to build up that muscle strength again.