wanderlusting individual who views all of life as an ongoing pilgrimage, living in houston, texas. appointed as youth and young adults coordinator for the texas annual conference of the united methodist church. commissioned and provisional elder in the united methodist church. learning.

she loves the color red, sarcasm, good food and making music. (among other things.)

she blog about things she have seen, wonderings and ponderings, photos she has taken and stories of the everyday-mundane and not so everyday-mundane aspects of her life.

welcome, and happy reading.


why blake? why kiss the joy as it flies?

the beginning of this blog was a graduation from two really well loved and virtually well filled and crinkled blogs–a xanga and a livejournal. i had completed my masters degree studies and was about to head off to uganda, east africa for three years and people wanted to know how to keep up with me.

while i’m all about honesty and honest blogging i didn’t want to be airing my high school self (livejournal) or college/grad school self (livejournal AND xanga)over the loudspeaker that was facebook and church prayer lists and decided a fresh new blog was in order.

i had settled on wordpress but didn’t have a name for this new place. my desire was to choose something that would transcend just a short period of time–not a blog for a few years but something i wouldn’t mind following me around until blogging was no longer a thing.

i hemmed. i hawed.

but then a dear saint of the church where i was serving unknowingly handed me the name of my new blog, and a poem that continues to companion me on my journey. kathryn cherry looked up from her volunteer desk at the church one day and said, “that’s it! that’s what you’re doing! you’re kissing the joy as it flies!”

blank stare from me.

“here.” and she handed me the book she was reading from and there was the gem of a poem that had me smiling and crying at the same time.

“i certainly hope that is what i’m doing.” i replied.

don’t crush it, fly with it. hold on gently and know when it is time to let go. you taught me well, kathryn cherry, and i read blake in your memory often.


3 thoughts on “about

  1. Hey Thera! Not sure if you remember me but we were at candidacy summit together.

    I have started a blog for a class project (class is ‘Women, War and Religion’ at Iliff); could I link to your blog? If you want to take a look before answering, I’m at http://www.peaceforliberia.blogspot.com

    Hope all is well! Thanks,

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