photo mashups

hybrid culture update is still in the works. for now, here are two photo mashups that i recently "wrote" for some mcc paperwork that i turned in amazingly late. happy photo-feasting. top: pajer primary school pupils; staff room karanga boys primary; primary 5 pupil, kiru primary school middle: talking trees-pajer primery school; primary 4, pajar … Continue reading photo mashups

a very karamoja thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving! today marks my third thanksgiving celebrated in uganda, and this one is going to be the best one yet, i think. whats that? "why?" you ask? well, let me tell you why: house-mate and i are armed with the following recipes: *alton brown's roasted turkey *rachael ray's scalloped potatoes *"the joy of cooking" … Continue reading a very karamoja thanksgiving

hybrid culture: one

i invite you to consider this sculpture––la malinche, by jimmie durham––with me. currently, i am working on a piece inspired by la malinche, my trip back to the u.s. for a few weeks, eve ensler's book "insecure at last" and my ongoing wonderings on pilgrimage/culture/missions/anthropology. more to come.               … Continue reading hybrid culture: one

bad blogger!

yes, i will admit it, i have become a terrible blogger. i never update and i keep promising that i will blog or promising specific posts. (i am still working on at least one of the promised posts...really...i am!) but at the moment i'm sitting in the airport at kansas city getting ready to head … Continue reading bad blogger!