waiting [moving day: 1]

this morning i waited for the movers to arrive-- julian-dog pacing amongst the boxes, then flopping dramatically to the floor, every bone connecting and sighing, each furry sigh deeper than the last. saddest of eyes.  they were late--and i started to sigh, offering sad eyes back to julian, who then in her puppy-wisdom placed her … Continue reading waiting [moving day: 1]

follow your path

  beyond understanding and the known lies new territory. i shall sojourn there, and meet you, and learn what you have to teach me.  may it be a challenge, a delight, a mundane and ecstatic adventure.  step one. 

[anger] when a nice solstice day turns sour

the day began with soft solstice light, tibeten yoga, shimmering tears: a mixture of sadness, & gratitude to be alive. may you move in harmony; may you speak in unison; let our mind be equanimous like in the beginning; let the divinity manifest in your sacred endeavors.  mid-morning, in the longest day: the longing to find union of … Continue reading [anger] when a nice solstice day turns sour