adventures in besan flour: pizza win

I FORGOT THE ROSEMARY! blerg! sorry, got a little ahead of myself/the story there... i'll admit it, until the veryvery the actual eating of this creation [chickpea flour pizza with tomato and parmesan] came about--i was dubious. very very dubious. mostly because the method calls for a nonstick skillet that can go from stove-top to … Continue reading adventures in besan flour: pizza win

c25k: week 6.1 + experiment

tuesday i finally plowed through the first run of week 6. (this week there are 3 different podcasts again.) it went pretty well, nothing exciting or dramatic happened and i didn't interact/see people. which i prefer. yes. okay so i did see someone, housemate was in her cool down walk/walk home a bit a head … Continue reading c25k: week 6.1 + experiment

freshly painted

until very recently (that is to say 30 minutes ago) this week has been blazing hot...the sun has been shining and heating the sand and bringing the buildings to the boiling point. heat isn't something one typically senses with one's eyes. unless they are being scalded by the freshly painted-bright-white walls and freshly painted-shiny-silver of … Continue reading freshly painted

c25k: week 5…

okay. so. i didn't run when i was on vacation. at all. the good intentions were there, but it just didn't happen. (hey lalibela, ethiopia is basically one huge hill... don't hate, appreciate that i hiked a mountain (with the aid of a donkey, sure) trekked through addis ababa and traipsed around lalibela. yes.anywho. i'm … Continue reading c25k: week 5…