truth and tomatoes. mud and jesus.

time is an odd thing. we talk about saving and using, spending and stealing time. we can say that we move through time, or that time moves through us. we manage and mismanage time. we waste time and attempt to suspend it. my default-time mode is not terribly linear--not is it "american-standard". i'll spare you … Continue reading truth and tomatoes. mud and jesus.

mud, perception, and hurt feelings

late afternoon reflections on standing in the mud of suffering.¬† perception is not always true. how do we balance knowing others have false perception of us and not react out of hurt or fear or anger? how do we balance our truth and goodness with humility and grace? (all while being painfully aware of false … Continue reading mud, perception, and hurt feelings


the pup, julian, and i watched a dove make several trips between the yard and a nearby tree this morning. the dove was crafting a nest--a sure sign of spring!as she flew back and forth both julian and i were transfixed watching her journey and progress. the difference is i was in awe of instinct, flight … Continue reading intention¬†