speaking of making a spectacle

something that i've been meaning to mention is how much of a spectacle i am/make when i do my run/walk intervals. not necessarily because i'm running (but yes, that is a bit of an oddity) but because i'm a white woman running. one of the things that kept me from running or briskly walking for … Continue reading speaking of making a spectacle


"mzungu, how are you?" "mzungu, i love you!" "mzungu! mzungu! mzungu! mzungu!" "mzungu, bye!" my friend heather has recently blogged about language, and mentioned two words that caught my eye-- biligana (the navajo word for and anglo person, meaning one with whom i wrestle) and the ojibwa word for an anglo person- Chimookamonnug ("which means … Continue reading mzungu

c25k: six

rather than venture out during the elections on friday i decided that it would be in my best interest to wait until post-elections to run. therefore, i went saturday. i spent the first part of saturday outside trying to finish up the ugly-as-sin compost bin that i've been working on, watering the garden, washing a … Continue reading c25k: six

Crazy Dreaming: an invitation and a start

the diocese has 13 church founded schools in 3 districts--all of which are primary schools and all of which i've recently visited with a base-line-type survey to assess all sorts of needs. (infrastructure [buildings,latrines,water etc], classroom performance for pupils and teachers and materials assessment (desks, chalk, food, clean water etc.) in short they are all … Continue reading Crazy Dreaming: an invitation and a start


(still not the Crazy Dreaming post, its still in the works. patience, dear ones, patience.) let me just start by saying: LETS GO DUKE! GTHC! moving on. if you have a keen eye and actually visit my page and not just have googlereader or some other rss-feed-fetcher pull your blogs and news for you perhaps … Continue reading introductions


another day of running, and more lessons learned: 1. so, i wear these beads around my waist. they are your basic colored glass beads on a string and there are three circles of them that i always wear under my clothes. here in karamoja (and i think some other parts of uganda, but don't quote … Continue reading c25k:two