a traveling she will go: just another transport story

2 trains + 2 busses + airplane + 2 busses = nashville, tn, usa.

show your work.

early wednesday morning began in my friend and colleague katie’s vehicle pointed toward the nearest DART station in richardson, texas just outside of dallas. she dropped me off with a wave and i made a bee-line toward the ticket machine to purchase my half-day pass. it wouldn’t accept my credit card. awesome. i tried the next one beside it. denied.


try first machine again.


second machine.


“what the…”

the fellow also buying a ticket at the time offered his sympathies and suggested i try cash. i smiled at him, sweetly, and said; “if i had cash, i would certainly be using it…are there people in that building?”

“oh. uh. yeah, maybe.”

so i drug my little red suitcase across the bus turn-around and clanked it up to the service desk at the transit center terminal. i said that the machines weren’t taking my card, but that i needed to get to the airport on time.

little to no sympathy. mostly none.

okay, no sympathy from the two people at the desk.

all they had to offer was “there are two more machines, maybe you should try them…”

so, i did. you will probably not be surprised to hear that my card was denied at both of those as well. (stop panicking, i wasn’t out of money and my card wasn’t shut down.) in a small act of desperation i dug through my wallet and found exactly how much money i needed.

oops. sorry dude i snarked at. sorta. i was sorta sorry. maybe a little. okay, about as much as the sorry as the amount of sympathy i received from the help-desk.

made the train.

made the next train.

made the bus.

with a little use of my patented “lost traveller” look (so handy. who needs ego when you can just play lost and confused female and get help. judge me if you must.) i was directed to which bus i needed from remote parking at DFW and arrived at the terminal.

while on this second bus i received a text message from us airways notifying me that my plane was delayed 30 minutes. then a second one saying “oh, more like an hour and a half.”

for those of you keeping track at home, my first flight was to be to charlotte, north carolina and then i would transfer to a flight to nashville, tn. this delay would force me to miss my connecting flight.

i didn’t panic. (seewhatididthere?)

i took off my “panicked lost female” look and put on my travel-savvy-calm-cool-collected look, breezed through security and made my way to my original gate where i quietly waited near the desk for someone to appear. the moment he did, i casually walked up to the desk, explained my situation and let him do the rest. this non-panicky move ended me up transferred for free to an american airlines direct flight with a refund on my seat changes.


i even. had time. for lunch. bazinga.

upon arrival in nashville i looked into the price for the shuttle between the airport and the resort $28 one way $40 round trip. no, thank you. i’d rather walk.

it’s cold. so i took the bus.

two nashville public busses to be precise.

the first bus was unremarkable, just what one wants in public transportation. nothing exciting happened. like.

walking between the first bus and the second bus was…interesting. no sidewalk (wouldn’t bother me so much normally, but the ground was slightly soggy, and i was pulling my little red suitcase behind me. oy.

there was a lovely police officer who was directing traffic at a bridge that was partially closed. he instructed me where the bus stop was-and then he totally stopped traffic so i could cross the 4 lanes of traffic.

“thank you!!”

the second bus was at the national cemetery. two mildly creepy looking gentleman asked if i wanted a ride. one woman rolled down her window at the stoplight and said, “aren’t you cold?!”

i shrugged.

the second bus deposited me at the door of the gaylord opryland hotel and resort magnolia entrance. which was nice. and i had arrived just in time to register and make it to opening worship only a little late.

i made a presto-chango in the nearest restroom so as to look at least respectable after a long day of travel (all told, about 10 hours) checked in, got lost in this massive place, found my room and used my map to find the group of methodists.

2 trains + 2 busses + airplane + two busses = nashville, tn, usa.