thoughts for a rainy day

it has been raining a lot here in houston lately. and, like in a lot of places, sometimes people complain about the rain.we send one another off with "stay dry!" wishes.¬†we do not look forward to our hair, faces or clothing feeling, let alone collecting rain.but what does this mean for those of us who … Continue reading thoughts for a rainy day

the confusing space

"the attributes of liminality or of liminal personae ("threshold people") are necessarily ambiguous, since this condition and these persons elude or slip through the network of classifications that normally locate states and positions in cultural space. liminal entities are neither here nor there; they are betwixt and between the positions assigned and arrayed by law, … Continue reading the confusing space


yesterday i saw a palm thatched roof and it nearly brought me to tears. it is a week of restlessness and remembering, a week bookended with anniversaries marking the leaving of a place physically and a week of wondering about choices. the beginning of the week marks two years away from kotido and the community … Continue reading pilgriming