i killed my kombucha scoby.

i killed my kombucha scoby.

so it turns out that i’m not a ‘natural’ at brewing my own kombucha. as a matter of fact, i’m so bad at brewing my own kombucha that i killed the scoby. this is what happens when one assumes that one knows what one is doing and just forges ahead with just a little research and a desire to have cheap kombucha. turns out i starved the poor thing by not feeding it enough sugar. go figure.

this would be less sad if i hadn’t received the scoby from a friend, who had received her start from a friend, too. as penance i am going to just order a scoby from someone i don’t know from that highly impersonal place that is the internet.

this is actually becoming a trend in the life of t. killing things i mean. stop panicking and let me explain.
i planted several sets of seeds about a month ago–cilantro, basil, strawberries, flowers, peppers of various kinds and some tomato seeds. i killed ALL of them! people, this is out of the ordinary. i had a thriving little bunch of kitchen herbs taking over my veranda in uganda–all started on my back veranda by yours truly in milk containers. but kitchen herbs in america? forget it, apparently.

i’m willing to try again. and have even purchased better soil than the cocoa-peet that came with some of my starter seeds. i’ll even be sure to sing to my plants more this time around (hey, it worked in uganda…can’t hurt.)

maybe i need to sing to my new kombucha scoby when she arrives? what kinds of songs does mold one ferments tea with like, you think?


typically i  don’t spend a lot of time with middle school/midhigh aged students.

a few weeks ago, however, i spent several hours with about 40 students in this age range–observing and (sort of)facilitating their participation in some low ropes activities. here are some observations:here are some observations:


middle school girls are REALLY LOUD. there was a lot of yelling and talking over each other. many high-pitched shreeks and perpetual attempts to bee heard.  this rather reminded me of several meetings i have been in–ironically, all the meetings that came to mind were church related in some way. am i saying that church meetings are conducted like a gathering of middle school girls? maybe a little. maybe a lot.


middle school boys can be just as harsh toeach other as middle school girls. there was a group of boys who had been living together all week (they were a cabin at camp) and who had nicknames all given by their ring-leader (alpha-boy, i guess). everyone got a nickname, but there were two in particular that were clearly backhanded.


overall i was really glad to know that cricitcal thinking skills are taught in american schools–and glad to know that we have things like low-ropes courses to teach students (and adults) better communication skills in this somewhat-sneaky and quite fun way.


so, i guess that’s my this on that.