baby on board

i generally pride myself on being someone who is unphased by the bizarre or strange. in my travels i have seen some things that, if seen in my home context, would be quite strange or uncouth--and the person doing them would be quickly removed and potentially institutionalized. (for example: drinking blood from a calabash, wandering … Continue reading baby on board

mzungu, bounty hunter

as a mzungu (that is to say, white person) i was recently accused of being "soft". i was quick to say that i do not condone the killing of other people, ever. and it was pointed out to me that i refused to kill the rooster given to me in abim. (i think i went … Continue reading mzungu, bounty hunter

oh my…

i just want to share with the world that i'm sitting in a cafe in uganda and the song playing over the stereo is "one moment in time" i'm doing my best to not laugh out loud... an actual update to come soon.