crumbling edges

be warned, dear reader, that the attitude and mindset of this blogger is not particularly in a happy place as she sits down to type. sometimes it feels like the edges of reality are unstable--as if they are sheets of ice crumbling and falling into the fridge ocean. there are days that this insecurity is … Continue reading crumbling edges

no, i wasn’t “over speeding”, officer.

when driving back to kotido from kampala this week¬† i was pulled over by the ug traffic police just before the turn at kamdini...i was slowing down because 1) i was entering the trading center where people tend to be close to the road therefore being the 2) responsible thing to do and 3) i … Continue reading no, i wasn’t “over speeding”, officer.

lamu-island-fun-times (one): hi my name is thera and i’m addicted to lime juice

lets just go ahead and get this out of the way: "hi, i'm thera, and i'm a lime juice addict." whilst in lamu, i totally acquired a lime-juice addiction and could probably give you the most intense critique regarding where the best sweet/tart/frothy juice could be found, for what price, and how many they are … Continue reading lamu-island-fun-times (one): hi my name is thera and i’m addicted to lime juice

mcc/emm east africa talent show liveblog

live from brackenhurst retreat center, its the mcc/emm east-africa-retreat-talent-show: snarky version 8:02p.m. for the past half hour we have been engaged in a rousing group-quiz. division has been created between the countries of east africa by pitting them against one another to win points. how very mennonite! 8:08p.m. first up with real talent are the … Continue reading mcc/emm east africa talent show liveblog


about a week ago, whilst scrounging the internet for somewhere to stay near malindi i stumbled across this darling little place called ecocamp.¬† the more we perused the website and read about ecocamp, the more we were excited to stay there. the website insisted that there were no openings, but i wasn't willing to take … Continue reading ecocamp!

vacay: one

crossing borders in east africa is always an interesting experience. i have found that people really want to help me get through the border quickly, and sometimes will go out of their way to make this possible. yesterday, while crossing the kenya border with 3 friends from north america, i had such an experience. we … Continue reading vacay: one