heavy light – stream of consciousness

as i have been staring blankly out a bank of floor to ceiling windows in front of me a squirrel keeps darting back and forth.

left to right.
right to left.

sitting on a table at the carbondale library my focus has been on mount sopris, looking solid and permanent, with intermittent glances to the darting squirrel who seems to be quite busy. looking back to sopris i wonder if i can see the snow melting from her peaks, or when the last rock slide was. maybe not so solid, after all.

the rivers are at a seasonal high these days, the roaring fork river earning her name with power and near deafening volume. the skies have been bluebird and perfect, the weather finally warm and delicious.

in a short fourteen days i will publicly and permanently link my life with the woman who makes me the happiest i have ever been, who makes me laugh and holds me when i cry–with a woman who makes me better every single day, and maybe the most voracious reader i know. (but absolutely the best dancer in the universe.)

roaring rivers and blue skies-
active saturdays and lazy tuesdays,
mountain peaks and ocean waves.
five star and lowbrow,
indoor/outdoor living.

aspen and carbondale-
text messages and facetime,
longdog and rainbow trout.
living room slow dances and ladies who lunch,
miller lite and mules.

sometimes when i am feeling low beautiful weather offends me, and i wonder what the point is. funnily enough, i take solace in towering beauties like mount sopris being shaped and changed by the elements around her–just like me. only bigger.


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