mud, perception, and hurt feelings

late afternoon reflections on standing in the mud of suffering. 

perception is not always true. how do we balance knowing others have false perception of us and not react out of hurt or fear or anger? how do we balance our truth and goodness with humility and grace? (all while being painfully aware of false perception of who we (i) are (am)?)

heard a hard perception of me this afternoon–regarding my professional life–i wish to stand in my truth (gifts and talents) and not be defensive of how other perceive my work and yet work to show that this is a false perception (while still being humble).

we really need to talk to each other more and about each other less. a lesson i am continually learning from both sides of the situation. what i hope is that i can turn this desire to be defensive into a conversation. that i can take this feeling of hurt and see what facets are true and grow into them. and to know what to let go of.

there is mud beneath my feet.


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