reflections on the first last midwinters

i usually reflect on my midwinter experience, but this weekend and next have been/are my last ignite*midwinter retreats in my current appointed position–so my reflections have felt more pressing and weighty. endings are interesting things.

a few thoughts:

thursday afternoon and evening i found myself printing student and adult curriculum, stuffing them into folders and sticking stickers to those folders. when i began that task i was admittedly grumpy about it. i internally grumbled about a 90 hour masters degree and dealing with low toner, and an embarrassing phrase about pay grade crept into my monkey brain.

but then.

i caught a glimpse of the list of registered students for this weekend–and i turned aside, picked up the list and started to read the names aloud in the copy room.

and suddenly, printing hundreds of copies of curriculum, stuffing them into folders and sticking stickers on them transformed from a task i would rather not be doing into a sweet blessing.

as i stuffed each folder i said a prayer of thanks for the hands who would receive it-for each student to have moments of clarity, transformation and deep comfort while learning about the lord’s prayer. that each student would ask questions and wonder and grow into their own faith.

what a blessing. what a privilege it became to fuss with toner, hole punches and paper cuts.

a moment of deep beauty:

during a workshop on works of piety we ended in serving one another communion–there were two young students (middle school aged) who served the oldest of the adults in the room.

watching the youngest in the room serving the oldest brought tears to my eyes.


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