not hardcore

i’m not sure if it has been the time away, getting a teensy bit older (i mean, i felt the ontological change at 30 and some sort of shift at 31) or something else, but, i totally caved on taking a bus from nairobi to kampala and bought a KQ roundtrip airplane ticket. so. not. hardcore.

there are benefits! i “save” an entire day of sitting on a bus to now get to spend here in nairobi, and more time to spend in uganda. that “extra” time will most likely allow me to even reach karamoja if things work out well. (!!) so these are really great things–more time at terra nova, more time to see more people and more time to go to sparkles and boda boda and take a nostalgic turn through nakumatt. (if you find yourself judging that i might get a manicure, have a cocktail and go grocery shopping just think of the things you want to do when you go home! nostalgia reigns!)

i can’t help but feel that i’ve sold out a little, though. am i “saving” time? is this time not spent on a bus really “extra”? not sitting on a bus means that i will not travel through eldoret or kisumu or busia–places i wouldn’t mind to travel through and give a friendly wave.

flying costs 4 times as much. ouch.
my rear won’t be as tired if i do take the 12 hour trek by road up to karamoja. that’s a plus.

so why do i feel like i’m cheating?


2 thoughts on “not hardcore

  1. I definitely feel like we spent our time taking the bus and now we’ve earned that flight. When I went back to visit Karamoja before leaving East Africa last year, I flew. It saved time and stress, and for future visits with a child in tow, we will probably also fly. I feel like it’s a perk of getting older that you can justify not having to prove yourself like you did when you were younger. Of course, there are perks to going by road as well (like seeing the sun rise over the hills of Abim when you’re heading South again) but I don’t think you have to feel badly about flying, especially when saving all those hours on the bus will lengthen the time you can spend visiting. Wishing you the best best best time!

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