#rethinkchurch:lent [who am i?]

i am black coffee and gray chuck taylors; red nails and a clerical collar.
daughter, friend; sister in spirit and ministry.
woods, coffman, locke, freeman. immigrant, first people: muddled.
i am curly and sassy, short and long. tall.
a learner, a teacher. i am a pastor, a shepherd: a sheep.

i am a collector of sunsets, traveler and pilgrim.
an admirer of art, creator of things; found object finder.
a believer in the power of touch; love. a connector of people.
reader of books: library card holder.bike rider.
dark beer and red wine enthusiast, talking introvert. company enjoyer.

napkin user, young gardner, sewing machine tinkerer:
lover of “old fashioned” and “old timey”.
singer, wailer, hummer. listener, harmonizer.
infp: deep feeler. prays to be a mystic, faster, indulger.
dreamer of dreams, reader of poems, wrestler with scripture.

journal-er. blogger, facebook and twitter happy instragrammer.
excellent communicator. terrible communicator.
sarcastic. gentle. paradoxical.

peace loving, freedom for all, lover of the potential of the human race.
activist, protester, letter writing voter. political but not political.

defender of animals, holder of babies, caretaker of the earth. green.
i am one who talks to birds and bunnies. cats and dogs. seeker of isis.
tie-er of ribbons and string to trees, impromptu ‘shrine’ builder: photographer.
lives in the moment, lost in a day-dream, inspector of details. sloppy.

i am fearfully and wonderfully made, whole: incomplete. already:not yet.
clasp-er of grace, often forgetful: repentant. dust. beloved and loved.

i am who i am because of The  “tell them,” “I Am who I Am” has sent you.”

thanks be to god.


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