typically i  don’t spend a lot of time with middle school/midhigh aged students.

a few weeks ago, however, i spent several hours with about 40 students in this age range–observing and (sort of)facilitating their participation in some low ropes activities. here are some observations:here are some observations:


middle school girls are REALLY LOUD. there was a lot of yelling and talking over each other. many high-pitched shreeks and perpetual attempts to bee heard.  this rather reminded me of several meetings i have been in–ironically, all the meetings that came to mind were church related in some way. am i saying that church meetings are conducted like a gathering of middle school girls? maybe a little. maybe a lot.


middle school boys can be just as harsh toeach other as middle school girls. there was a group of boys who had been living together all week (they were a cabin at camp) and who had nicknames all given by their ring-leader (alpha-boy, i guess). everyone got a nickname, but there were two in particular that were clearly backhanded.


overall i was really glad to know that cricitcal thinking skills are taught in american schools–and glad to know that we have things like low-ropes courses to teach students (and adults) better communication skills in this somewhat-sneaky and quite fun way.


so, i guess that’s my this on that.


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