my, where DOES the time go?

oh people. life is full. 

and there are Things that i would really love to be blogging about, and posting photos of but i seem to…uh…not be doing that so much lately. THIS IS NOT the ‘oh gosh, i’m such a bad blogger, don’t be mad at me! i PROMISE i’ll write more soon and it’ll be AWESOME and STUFF’ blog post.

NEITHER is this the ‘i just need to take a break from blogging and taking photos of stuff so i’ll see ya when i see ya’ blog post.

this is the “hey whats up, lets still be friends” blog post in which i make no promises. 

and also the blog post where i’m actually procrastinating writing some blog posts for about the, you guessed it, texas youth academy going on right now in georgetown, texas. 

i blame living in a dorm room for the past week. right. 


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