#stopkony 2012: voices from the ground

in my first post regarding the kony2012 video i mentioned an organization in gulu (northern uganda) called arlpi (the acholi religious leaders peace initiative). since that post and a lot of the internet back-lash against the video the leadership at arlpi have viewed the video and made a response.

both are well worth your time and attention.

you can find the link to the open letter here.

Community believes that Invisible Children is being used to promote US interests. In the video Russell-the author of the video clearly stated that everyone in Washington they talked to said there is no way the United States will get involved in a conflict where our national security or financial interest is aren’t stake. Community feels the video is a gate way for selfish interest but not to stop the war.

mennonite central committee-uganda has also released a statement regarding the video.

 It is therefore grossly misleading for Invisible Children to emphasize a northern Ugandan context of 2003, for an international campaign of this magnitude today. A generation of night commuters, whose situation is emphasized in the video, has now grown into teenagers and adults, and is experiencing other post-conflict difficulties

the conversation is not over–kony may not be trending on twitter anymore, but this does not mean that the solution has been found–that the end has come. continue to engage in conversation. continue to learn. (and continue to sell everything you own, and give it to the poor.)


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