so, you want to donate money

this is the most complex and difficult part of this conversation–this conversation of helping, of hearing and responding, of engaging with the world outside your front door. welcome. this is a beautiful opportunity, and i am truly glad that you want to give. again let me stress the importance of research and knowledge. at the end of this post there is a list of organizations and as much information as i can concisely post regarding work, contact information and how you can donate but i urge you to not just take my word for it. do more research. send some emails, ask someone else about the organization that you are wanting to begin partnering with.

uganda is a beautiful and delightful country, and joseph kony and the lra are real things that have created real problems in northern uganda. at running the risk of repeating myself–joseph kony is no longer in northern uganda (or uganda at all). the people of northern uganda are dealing with the aftermath of being a war-zone. there is a lot of untreated and unrealized trauma of a people and there are deep and profound issues in the return of people from the internally displaced persons camps through out the region. underlying these issues are the national issues of severe corruption in the national and local governments, child sacrifice, mob justice, the struggle for basic survival, deep poverty, sanitation, and domestic violence.

i urge you to not just thrown money at a problem that made you feel sadness–but to engage as fully as you are able for as long as you are able. and then more. when there is a deep need requiring some sort of outside assistance it is a safe bet that the problem is complex and will not be assuaged simply with one surge of donations (malaria or poverty will not end with the writing of a check. it just won’t). this is not to say that one-time-donation is always bad, it can be a very good thing. what i am asking you to do is think deeply and engage in conversation regarding this choice. learn to look for the root causes of problems and to support those who are seeking deep and profound change not only treating the woulds as one would in triage.

doing sustainable work when relying on donations is made much more stressful when wondering if there will be enough money this month to be able to continue the work. so do consider more than a one-time-donation, but a long-term partnership of mutual growing and sharing.

justice and reconciliation project is an independent ugandan ngo working “with victims and survivors of conflict to ensure that they participate in local, national and international processes of justice, healing and reconciliation.” believing “that community-led transitional justice processes are critical to sustainable, post-conflict justice and reconciliation.”

for more information regarding their work, to read their reports and to become more acquainted  with transitional justice visit their website. to financially give to the justice and reconciliation project email them and begin a conversation on how you can work together.

GUSCO (gulu support the children organisation), a local ngo founded in 1994 works “to promote the well-being of war affected children in northern uganda through provision of psycho-social support, capacity building of communities, education, advocacy and peace building.”

arlpi (acholi religious leaders peace initiative) “arlpi is an interfaith peace building and conflict transformation organization formed in 1997 as a proactive response to the conflict in northern uganda.” bringing together “leaders of six different religious sects/denominations (anglican, catholic, muslim, orthodox, pentecoastal and seventh day adventist) and their respective constituencies to participate effectively in transforming conflicts (conflict transformation) in northern uganda and the surrounding area.” working through dialogue, negotiation, mediation and [traditional] reconciliation to “promote sustainable peacebuilding and development in northern uganda.”

“if you would like to walk along side us and support our work, please contact us at:
acholi religious leaders’ peace initiative
plot 16,olya rd.
p.o. box 104
gulu town,

ker-kawaro acholi  founded in 2000, the work of kerr-kwaro acholi (kka) has been “directly linked to ending the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency and resettling Acholi people back in their villages.  Its emphasis lies on the passing over of cultural knowledge to the younger generations, who have been uprooted by the two decades of war and displacement.” to begin a conversation, email them here.

the recreation project  believes in the power of healing through play.”the experiential learning model of the recreation project is one the most powerful and effective methods for teaching trust, self-belief, and hope.  TRP uses a guided ropes course and outdoor adventure excursions as tools for learning.  young people who come to TRP encounter a radical change of scene that removes them from their daily routine and allows them to think new thoughts and use imagination to overcome obstacles at the ropes course and in their lives.  they are having fun while internalizing the important life-skills and character-building skills needed to navigate a new landscape that for decades has been defined by war and conflict but through their energy and vision has the potential to thrive.”

learn how to partner with the recreation project.

terra nova academy a young and exciting project in uganda just putting down roots and collecting the energy to grow tall and strong. the terra nova academy is responding to the deep need for quality, affordable education in uganda. “we long for terra nova to be a place where students ask qustions freely, where children can be imperfect without the fear of physical abuse. we pray for a place where children can deepen thir understanding of faith and god. this is not simply about building a successfully academic school. it is about eveloping as many ugandan students as we can to do more than just survive. we want them to dream too, and to become leaders in their own world. we dream of a place where teahers have the resources to enhance their lessons with creativity. terra nova will teach children to learn both academically and artistically while building their personal foundation of faith, developing skills, and changing the world for ugandan kids to come.”

there are many ways to support terra nova.

Send ALL tax deductible donations to:
New Day Network
Attn: Uganda Missions
PO Box 420013
Haugan, Montana 59842

mennonite central committee(mcc)- mcc uganda “mcc works in uganda in peace-building, care for urban and rural people living with HIV and AIDS, community development and education. during a 20-year conflict with a rebel group, [the] lord’s resistance army (lra), 2 million people were displaced, children were abducted, civilians mutilated and homes and farms destroyed. as people struggle to rebuild their lives, mcc workers and grants support mental health and trauma recovery work; advocacy and trainings for peace-building efforts of churches and interfaith groups; rural primary and secondary education, including through global family; and peace trainings for iteso and karimojong people whose conflicts date back decades.”

there are many ways to donate to mcc. penny power, attend a relief sale (buy a pie. mail it to me.) visit an mcc thrift shop (united states listing, and canada listings) cash for kits, donate to a worker or directly to a country program.

refugee law project “the refugee law project (rlp) seeks to ensure fundamental human rights for all asylum seekers, refugees, and internally isplaced persons within uganda. we envision a country that treats all people within its borders with teh same standards of respect and social justice. we work to see that all people living in uganda, as specified under national and international law, are treated with the fairness and consideration due fellow human beings.”

do donate: there is a link about half way down the main page on the left side. you can choose to donate to where there is highest need, to the sgbv/p program or PWDs program.

concerned parents association formed in response to the abduction of children by the lra. the parents who originally founded the cpa were parents whose children were abducted. they know whats up. “a child focused organization formed by a group of parents affected by the abduction of children by the lords resistance army (lra) in northern uganda. formation of CPA was sparked off immediately after the abduction of 139 school girls from st. mary’s college aboke on the night of the 34th independence anniversary of the republic of uganda on october 10th 1996.”contact cpa to discuss donation.

concerned children and youth is a youth-led organization for youth. “co-founded in 2001 by concerned individuals/…/we invite you to become a new “we:” to practice reconciliation, rebuilding, reforesting so we may live into a more beautiful, hopeful peace.”  begin a conversation to donate.


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