no really, i can explain

so i have had some positive and negative feed back regarding the trusty ole blog as of late. some of you love the photos-only posts and some of you like them but would like for there to be some words every now and again. (however, need i remind you that i do post a letter EVERY single day? just saying.)

perhaps it is high time that i explain why this is the case.

my darling ibook G4 (faye) has finally taken her last start-up after a 6.5 year life with me. its difficult to write blog posts when one doesn’t have a computer…the letters and photo posts are coming from my smartypants phone. while i don’t mind writing a letter a day on my phone, and uploading photos taken with my phone from said phone (say phone one more time!) its just too tedious to be blogging that way as well.

so thats why there haven’t really been any farm-related reflections as of late.

(or a debriefing from my time with the texas annual conference board of ordained ministry regarding my commissioning interview. the short version is that it went well and i’ve been approved for commissioning in june! yay!)

i appreciate your emails of concern as well as the emails of dissent/complaint. keep communicating with me, i like that. (do keep in mind, however, that most of the time i’m reading and responding on my phone.)

sometimes (like right now) i’m able to borrow a laptop and type freely–so i will try to be handwriting some reflections that i’ll be prepared to type and share here. stick with me, i’ll figure this blogging thing out without my own computer.

more soon. promise.


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