re-entry: [“i think i know how you feel”]

while walking through prospect park [brooklyn] recently i happened across a tree. a large fallen tree. her roots were exposed in the cold winter air, something she hasn’t experienced before. she was too big to be replanted i think, her roots longer across than i am tall.

not only had she suffered this great fall–for whatever reason–she beat up, mangled and broken in unfixable ways. there is no way to repair broken, and now dry, root structures. (are there?)

it almost seemed rude to stand and study her roots.

but stand, study and ponder i did.

after a few minutes i reached out,

put my hand on the nearest extension that once gave her life,


and said, “i think i know how you feel, dear one.”




One thought on “re-entry: [“i think i know how you feel”]

  1. Oh thera–acutely observed–thank you. i’ll be back in uganda on new year’s eve–and will be with bishop james the week of the 15th January. i’ll deliver hugs…

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