c25k: brooklyn, take two

while i wouldn’t typically classify myself as a “weekend warrior” i decided to don this title anyhow and run this fine saturday morning.

the sun was out, and things were looking merry as i started off up the hill toward the park. my music of choice for this first mile was some terrible christmas music that was bestowed upon me by housemate. (example of “terrible” christmas music: feliz navidad, donde esta santa and tone deaf children singing anything holiday themed.)

that first mile was still uphill (as it was on my first run in brooklyn) but not nearly as stressful as before–this time i knew where i was going.

after arriving at prospect park i joined the throngs of runners, cyclists, walkers and rollerbaders (i had no idea people still did that in such numbers!) on the road that makes a full circuit around the park. rather than be intimidated by all these fit-people i was indifferent and/or inspired.

we didn’t really acknowledge each other (sort of like seeing another foreigner on the streets in kampala) and yet there was a sense of “we’re in this together.” at least as much as there can be when not acknowledging one another. right.

so yes, it was a good run. i was about half way around this circuit (i have no idea how long it is) when i received a text from eew about the occupy wall street action that was going to be happening that day–to make it to the action in a reasonable amount of time i knew i needed to get back to the apartment in a more timely fashion.

to make a long story of me turning around and being turned around for about 10 minutes short, i eventually stumbled upon center road that cuts through the park and found my way (as quickly as my now 3.5 mile completed run legs carry me) back to the apartment.

the last mile from the park to the apartment is (as you may suspect as the run to the park was uphill…) downhill. this made the last mile much easier to accomplish. go me.

soundtracks for running:

cheesy/terrible christmas music
patti smith


2 thoughts on “c25k: brooklyn, take two

  1. hey,’donde esta santa claus’ is Great christmas music. ha.
    and somehow I still don’t have that hippopotamus song…

    Also, I’m finally on week 5! I think the lower altitude here is helping.

    • let me work on emailing you the hippopotamus song–i have the cd here!
      YAY WEEK 5! rock it.
      is your running flat still? mine is not. oy!

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