c25k: beginning in brooklyn

i put off running yesterday because, as tends to be the my m.o. these days, i was nervous about running in a new place and therefore didn’t make time to do it yesterday. and this isn’t just running in a new place, this is running in brooklyn…and this little girl from the midwest who learned to run in the bush of uganda and has been running in the privacy of her parents basement on a treadmill was nervous to take her leggings-clad-legs out in public.

however when i woke up this morning my body was essentially screaming at me to get up and runNOW.  i’ve ignored my body screaming in this fashion before, and let me just say that she can be a punk. so i listened.

i wish i could report that i sprung from bed, got dressed and bounded out the door excited for my first run during my brooklyn/nyc vacation but this is not the case. i putzed around and made excuses, but eventually pulled on the leggings, tugged on a sweatshirt and covered my ears (that was for you, mom) located some keys and headed out the door with a vague idea of “going left” getting me to the park.

rather than just blindly run into the abyss of concrete and streetlights i pulled out the trusty smartphone (her name is hannalore, you can call her hanners if you like, i know i do) and mapped the walking route to the park. it is exactly one mile up the hill from where i was standing–and so i started out.

no, i did not immediately start running. i was still nervous of being judged by the invisible audience of brooklyn-ers. so i walked, albeit it quickly, for about a block and a half but my phantogram pandodra station helped squash the remaining nervousness and i was off–up hill towards the park.

i forgot my gloves. and my hands were amazingly cold by the time i reached the top of the hill…i saw dogs in sweaters (i’m sorry, i just don’t get that) and other runners also enveloped in whatever was pumping in their earbuds.

there was one moment when i thought i was going to crash into a woman who was walking in front of me–i was on my last half-mile and coming downhill at good speed–she was zigzagging around the sidewalk which caused me to be zigzagging behind her in preparation to pass her. i thought she heard me coming and was trying to figure out which side of the otherwise very empty sidewalk to occupy, but this theory was thumped when i came along side her and she was clearly startled (i could actually hear her music from her earbuds over the music coming through my earbuds). the zigzagging, it turns out, was because she was texting and walking. #firstworldproblems, ftw.

what pithy lesson did i learn on this run? i learned, yet again, that when nervous it is probably just a good idea to go for it.


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