“soooo what’s next?”

before i answer that question let me first direct you to the new* page of this blog “to whom it may concern [letters]” is just up there [[points skyward and a bit to the right realizing this makes no sense to those reading in email or a reader, yet continuing to point like a fool.**]] and there are a lot of letters in there. sometime in the not too distant future i shall regale you three readers of this now month+ adventure letters but until then you can refresh your memory of how this started by going here and here.


so, you’ve asked when we talk you many of these conversations start with “where are you?” (i won’t answer that as this answer is changing tomorrow afternoon) and then followed with the following:  “hey, t, what’s next for you now that you’re back in uhmerikuh other than misspelling and complaining about your country of origin?”

before i actually answer your question let me explain why i have not offered this next step yet: i have really enjoyed seeing people react when i tell them where i’m heading next. the reaction has been of great surprise, and then usually that resigned look of, “oh, you and your antics!”

however it seems that the time has come to share more broadly as my impending move becomes more…impending and those who are just finding out are becoming a bit offended that they didn’t know yet.

have i built it up enough yet?
if you know where i’m going next are you wondering if i changed my mind?

on (or around) 7 january 2012 i will be taking the train to a little place called dwight, illinois from where i shall be retrieved by my new guru. he is not the kind of guru that maybe came to mind, but is a farmer of grass-fed sheep, cows, goats, turkeys, ducks and chickens raised on certified organic prairie pastures.

place: mint creek farm

my title: intern.

my job: learn.

my excitement level: through. the. roof.

time frame: at least three months***

my duties, as listed from the website:

Duties: Interns will be assisting with day to day livestock and poultry care, moving portable fencing for sheep and goats, and helping with farmer’s market preparation and sales.  This year we hope to get into raising chickens, ducks, and geese for meat, and we plan to expand our current laying flocks of chickens and ducks.  We also hope to expand our vegetable gardens to boost our own self-sufficiency, but most work will be livestock and poultry related.   In addition there will be farm cleanup work, tree planting, and maybe some fence building.

Interns will be expected to help with cooking and cleaning on a regular basis.

so that is the “what’s next.” and later today i shall post an answer to one of the questions i know you must have: “WHY?!”

nice time.


*if by “new” i mean now over a month old… where HAVE you been?]
**alternatively, i suppose you could have just clicked the link i connected to the title. gosh i’m in a strange-blogging mood today.
*** i have my vague start date, and the “intern policy” is “at least three months” and am unsure of when i will be placed in a methodist church in texas (if i, god-willing, am ‘passed’ through the conference level inquisition…er…interviewing and deemed capable and prepared to be in full-time-pastoral-ministry. (if i don’t make it? back up plan? um…barnes and noble? come work for you??)).


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