c25k: untitled

my running shoes are stained with the orange-red sand-dust of karamoja.
when i loosen the drawstring a cloud of that orange-red sand-dust leaps from the tongue of each shoe and makes me feel romantic about that hot and dusty place called kotido.

kotido: that place i learned to run.

my favorite running socks, despite numerous hand washings and now machine washings, are also stained the color of the earth of kotido. i refuse to throw them away.

there are some prickly burrs mashed into the sole of each shoe and every time one disappears it makes me sad.

running in my parents basement on the treadmill is nothing compared to running through the bush in karamoja. there are no people, animals, clouds, flowers or trees to greet and appreciate. i try to get lost in my music, but when i am too successful i stumble when the treadmill ups the speed (with my music up loud enough to be lost in it i cannot hear it beeping to warn me).

the most amazing three runs i have had since being back in the states were  in california (two of them), running through the redwoods stopping periodically to hug a tree and gaze up to the lofty tip tops of these stunning beauties. those runs were magical–the holy spirit even showed up one morning, and we had a nice chat. and one in pershing state park near my hometown–this adventure again took me through trees and by a small lake– i saw deer and stopped to enjoy the fall smells, colors and songs of the migrating birds.

i wasn’t prepared to run in texas as it was far too warm for my cold weather gear, so i let those few days go by with no miles logged.

there was one run in the subdivision. i found it mildly traumatic and was extremely culture-shocked. perhaps i went too early after arrival? no telling. i should try it again, and will try to be positive about my surroundings. perhaps running outside in this place can be a challenge to find beauty and work on my understanding. we shall see.

some current running music favorites (all albums):
the lemon of pink by the books
lungs by florence + the machine
i and love and you by the avett brothers
the midnight organ fight
by frightened rabbit
go be
by jonsi


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