culture shock: electricity (pun not intended)

having been home for over three weeks now one would think that some of my habits from life in uganda would begin to fray and/or fade. specifically i’m thinking about my relationship with electricity.

basically i hoard electricity. at least that is the best way i know how to describe it. to the definition i cannot actually hoard/store electricity, but that is what it feels like i’m doing. especially in regards to my computer, camera battery and phone.

i find myself rationing my computer battery when it starts getting low by turning down the screen brightness, turning off music or shutting programs. while traveling i found myself rationing my ipod battery even though there was a plug in my seat on the train, and in the places i was staying.

sometimes i fret if my computer isn’t totally charged by the time i want to go to sleep because “the power may go off in the night” or “what if we run out?” if either of those things happen in kansas city i’ll have bigger things to worry about than if my computer is fully charged or not. (staying warm comes to mind…)

this evening i wondered if we had too many lights on in the house and if the battery was going to be stressed. it doesn’t take long for my brain to click into gear and remind me that we don’t have solar power/batteries, that we’re not on erratic load-sharing schedules and the power isn’t going to suddenly blip off unexpectedly. and even if it did, we could call someone who would fix it in a (semi) reasonable amount of time.

somewhat related, when i was packing for the trip to california and texas i packed a converter. now, i did realize before i left that i wasn’t going to need said converter and took it out of my backpack. however, this did not stop me from digging around in my backpack upon arrival in california when i wanted to plug in my computer.
i couldn’t believe i hadn’t packed my converter!

what was i thinking?!
who could i borrow one from?!

oh wait.

the plug fits in the wall.



One thought on “culture shock: electricity (pun not intended)

  1. this is all so….familiar! i still wonder, many times each day, what time it is in Uganda. and i still try to be sure my phone and computer are charged before i go to bed, before i move from home to the office–never mind there are plugs everywhere! I lost my converter, tho, and had enough sense not to buy another one immediately–but i know exactly where the spare one is for when i go back! ah the joys of having two homes! love you–glad you’re safely back from TX? when does the trip to NYC begin?

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