“what do you miss?”

a question that keeps coming up as i re-enter the united states is “what do you miss?”

let me show you, at least in part, “what” i miss:



faces and hands


where i ran


my animal/children


paths and places




2 thoughts on ““what do you miss?”

  1. I will pray that god gives me the words to comfort you. The sights,the souds,smells, your community, all those you mIss and love. That your time away from your mIssion and passion for all that is uganda. I will pray for your return. I will ask god to help me be there for you, while being your student and becoming more Christ like and how to use that, to truly meet people where they are! I will pray for our friendship. Trust in that friendship, sharing of our deepest feelings while learning lessons all the way. Help me meet you where you are, and I’ll be waiting.

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