letters update

an update on the letter project. it is my understanding that this new tab that i have created (to whom it may concern [letters]) on my blog does not show up in the main rss feed, nor are they delivered via email to email subscribers. from my end i’m not sure there is anything i can do about that if you want them emailed to you. you CAN subscribe to an rss feed for that page by using this short link.

alternatively i suppose one could bookmark said link and check it daily/when you feel like it.
as it is a page it is not updated in posts like the main blog page, but the older letters will be pushed down toward the bottom of the page.

we’ll see how i feel about that [aesthetically] in about 10 days…

i’m bubbling over with letter-writing excitement (lets be honest, i’m a big fan of writing letters) and am upping the ante and am challenging myself to wrote one letter/card/note by hand per day and mail them once a week. chances are if you read this blog i know you well enough to send you a card. (and may be the proud recipient of more than one!) want to make sure you’re on that list? drop me a line.


3 thoughts on “letters update

    • well i suppose you’re right. i think i could be a decent ascetic as wandering is one of my prominent spiritual gifts. [and i’m quote fond of spelunking, so there’s that.] thanks for the correction!

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