thera is not participating in nanowrimo

if you haven’t been solicited (or roped into) for nanowrimo i shall tell you what it is, and then tell you why i’m not participating. i suppose the official name is NaNoWriMo, and is a fun way to say national novel writing month. november is a time for pro and amateur novelists to write 50,000 words of a novel between 1 and 30 november. a noble undertaking, i say.

never before have i seriously tossed around the idea of participating, and i didn’t really change that this year. why? zero desire to write a novel.

however, i am going to take this opportunity to challenge myself to at least write a little every day. fear not, i’m not planning on clogging up your email/google reader/rss feed of choice with a post-a-day all month (yet).

in my great this-blog-is-so-half-baked tradition i think i’m going to add a new page (tab?) to this blog and write a letter a day under that new tab. admittedly i have no idea if this will show up in your feed/email (i’m thinking of email subscribers here, the thought of my name showing up in your inbox every day makes me really nervous that you’ll like me less or something) so would someone help a girl out and let me know if it does or does not? thanks in advance.

so, no novel but letters.
why not just write a novel in letters, thera?
i have no idea. why didn’t you suggest it before? maybe next year. (DOUBT.)

and with that i leave you to go figure out this whole page/tab thing and maybe even post my very first letter of the month. this is highly unplanned and unstructured. a lot like yours truly.

and off we go!


5 thoughts on “thera is not participating in nanowrimo

    • Rilke does say to get out in nature, i could be on board with that as an assignment. he also cautions against irony, which is a reminder i often need! “thera’s letters from a young musician-muse-runner-theolover”, indeed.

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