01 october: a harvest dance

this post contains photos–for those with slower internet connections i have reduced the quality of the photos to ‘least’ in hopes that it will not consume all of your credit! this will remain a standard practice.

on first october the MCC SALTer, annali phoned and asked if housmate and i wanted to go to a harvest dance in the village. and we, of course, said “yes!”

people are celebrating the harvest things like sorghum and maize and for days had been gathering to dance and sing–to revel in the promise of food for the coming dry season.

a “dance” in karamoja often consists of a circle of men who take turns leading and calling out the songs to be sung, and leading the sharpest and loudest clapping i have ever heard. men will enter the circle one a time and jump as high as they can–the circle timing their claps to the footfalls. the higher you jump, the cooler/more desirable by the ladies you are.

women jump, mostly in hand-holding-pairs, on the outside of the circle.
today there were two pairs teaming up for some beautiful dancing.

perhaps on a different day i will use more words to describe these events, but for now i’ll let pictures be words:

the men

the women


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