c25k: saying goodbye

its been a while now since my last run in kotido. my shoddy math skills are correct it would have been the 7th of the month-or whatever that friday was. i had wanted to go on saturday, but the “baibai” party for housemate and i was purportedly going to happen that night (that means it didn’t) and i figured better safe than sorry on the “last” run thing. (i suspect somewhere in the back of my mind i knew the party would be “shifted” from saturday to sunday, and we were leaving monday…)

so, i went running that friday.

to mark this end of an era i made 2 ~15 minute playlists as a way to acknowledge this transition. the songs weren’t particularly “goodbye” in makeup but good things that were speaking to me at the moment. (speaking to me in this context meaning kicking my butt.)

there was a “first” in this “last” run, though, which made it extra exciting: i was expecting a phone call that evening so i ran with my phone, which i never do. but that isn’t the fun “first” the fun bit was answering said phone mid-stride and coming to a halt under the peace-billboard on moroto road.

the dry season is coming, so its getting extra windy. i was having a hard time hearing anything but the wind in my ears or in the phone. being the problem-solver i am, i stepped into the sorghum field directly to my right and let the leaves and sorghum stalks break the wind for me.

a lovely location for a lovely talk with a lovely friend.

post phone conversation i finished my run-paying extra attention to my surroundings and trying to drink in the scenes of the bush at dusk. toror the mountain looked lovely, and i could see the hills of abim clearly. the sky was a opalescent play on the themes of pink, orange and purple. stunning.

i watched the ants going about their work from one of the large underground ant-city-openings near one of my favorite trees. i stopped to pet a donkey, and shake a child’s hand. i gave my favorite greetings in karamoja to a mzee: both hands raised, “toyai!” and was met with a grin and returned greeting.

i ran in the middle of the road.
the middle of the bush.
through the middle of a large heard of cows,
brushing my hands along their skinny ribs.
the shepherd boys laughed,
someone said i was brave.
and then i laughed.
shook my head,
and ran on.

15 minutes 1: “baibai ‘moja”
1) “shake it out” florence + the machine (still so grateful to eew for this!)
2) “ready, steady, go” the meices (empire records soundtrack)
3) “all i got 2” amel larrieu
4) “polynesia” mother mother (touch up)
5) “kick drum heart” the avett brothers (i and love and you)

15 minutes 2: “baibai ‘moja [mbili]”
1) “jump around” house of pain (thankfully there are no photos to confirm nor deny if i actually “jumped around” in the bush. you will never know the truth…)
2) “dirty town” mother mother (touch up)
3) “the looks” MSTRKRFT (the looks)
4) “imma be” bep (e.n.d. delux (there may have been dancing at the drop…))


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