c25k: running in kotido again

people, “road running” in kotido is a lot harder than running on a lovely treadmill at the garden city mall. seriously. there is this whole WIND thing to deal with, and being stared at and/or followed by children and adults alike… there are people yelling “WHITE PERSON!” in my direction. the sand radiates heat after a long day of taking a beating of the ever-present sun.

however. i ran underneath the “echamit ekisil” (we want peace) billboard on the panyara side of town towards toror–that beautiful mountain adding something other than flat-flat-flat to the horizon. i have had to change my route so as to not run through people’s sorghum fields which means that people may have food soon, and that the hunger-season will not be as hungry as the last one.

sometimes the kids who come to run alongside me giggle and lighten my heart (okay sometimes they just annoy me, but sometimes i can pretend to like children!). the old mzees (old men) stop and greet me, “TOYAI!” (“you be there!”) and i respond, “toyai!” and am met with “EJOK! EJOK NOOI!” (“it is good! very good!”) and sometimes we smile, and sometimes they laugh at me. and sometimes, when i’m feeling exceptionally good, i also laugh.

yesterday was the first Real run i’ve made in kotido in several months. (there were some Real walks and one Fake run–several months due to travel, mostly, but also some lethargy.) it was nice to get back out there, but it was also hard. i’m not doing intervals right now because i don’t want to take the time/bandwidth to download the podcasts at the moment. (i’m using that to upload videos to youtube these days.) this means that i’m running to whatever music i want, which is nice and also a new challenge.

i made 2 playlists each of about 20 minutes. (2 so i would know when to turn around…when the first one ended!) i plodded along alright, walked some but also pushed myself to run more at the end when i really didn’t want to. (i read somewhere that doing a sprint or extra running at the end when your body is really tired teaches the body that it CAN power through exhaustion and use those reserve bits of energy. this will make me stronger and, hopefully, leaner!)

that being said: here are my warm up songs, two ~20 minute play-lists that i’m pretty fond/proud of and cool down songs:

warm up:
“camp out”
all by an horse from ‘rearrange beds’

play-list 1:

1- “the distance” by cake from ‘fashion nugget’
2- “oya” by k-16
3- “single ladies” by beyoncé from ‘i am…sasha fierce
4- “the perfect me” by deerhoof from ‘friend opportunity’
5- “she owns the night (ft. mohombi) by far east movement from ‘free wired’ 6- “screaming at the wailing wall” by flogging molly from ‘within a mile of home

plat-list 2:
1- “it’s working” by MGMT from ‘congratulations’
2- “superstar” by tegan and sara from ‘this business of art’ 3- “run” by vampire weekend from ‘contra’
4- “genesis” by justice from ‘✞ ‘
5- “dj got us fallin in love (feat. pitbull) by usher from ‘raymond v. raymond’

cool down:
all by dobet gnahore from ‘na afriki’*

*HT to katie for introducing me to dobet gnahore’s music, and joel for the music files–i think of both of you when i listen to the album, which is rather frequently!


2 thoughts on “c25k: running in kotido again

  1. thanks for the thoughts. if you’re considering preferences, though, i’d prefer if you thought of me during either “the distance” or “genesis”. thank you again.

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