on choosing one’s battles

it is not only my work to decide when to question something different from my culture while living in someone else’s home culture. those i am living and working with also question my home culture or my interaction with their home culture.

for example:

on my way to the office this morning i ran into tim, who commented on my gradual yet recent weight-loss as if he’s just noticing. he said, “oh! you have lost weight!” this was not a excited exclamation, but one of concern. i laughed and said, “yes! i have been running, so it is only natural that i will become more slim and more fit.”

“EH.” he said. (the noise one makes in these parts when one is disgusted) “you want to be like THAT?”

i laughed again and said, “yes! it is more healthy for me to be like this than like i was.”
he squinted his eyes at me, pondering–perhaps–if i am totally mad or if this is just some western-madness that he’ll never understand.

“well. okay.” he conceded, clearly coming to the conclusion that this is some western-induced madness that he just won’t understand, and there is no need to try to attempt to tell me otherwise.

tim chose to not battle me on weight loss/size as beauty or health. by my best supposition he supposes that this is just something cultural that he’ll never understand about where i am from. i’m curious what the next thing i do that is odd that he will call into question…


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