i fear

sometimes when i’m just waking up, in those moments before the as-close-to-lucidity-i-can-be-without-coffee begins i wonder where i am waking up. this, i believe, stems from a fear of one morning waking up in my old bed in my hometown (where i haven’t lived since high school years) and this whole adventure of college, grad school and moving to uganda will have been just one long, vivid and fantastic dream.

this fear is more pronounced that i am about two months away from moving back to the united states (for now), as my house is slowly purged and packed and as i begin the process of saying goodbye to the people and places of uganda (for now) and allowing myself to get excited about or fear the people, places and things that i will soon encounter in the united states.


One thought on “i fear

  1. i’ve been loving all your posts this past week! i know so well the feelings of the last few weeks….praying for your dance of loving those you are leaving yet staying open to those who welcome your physical nearness.. I wish i had been more thoughtful about leaving a physical ‘memory-prompter’ with my friends and bringing one with me from them. LOVING YOU

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