the latest in running news

lets work backwards, shall we?

yes, i have been running. i think that it is fair to say that running is my new favorite obsession (but i do still love yoga best) and that it has a permanent place in my life for the moment, even if sometimes my actual going-running can be sporadic.

most recently i had three fantastic treadmill and elliptical workouts at the gym in the garden city mall (kampala). three sessions of 60 minutes of moving. i didn’t count kilometers/miles but just pushed hard. i did discover that running while feeling the angst feels better than when sad, but i actually went farther and pushed harder when i was running sad. this surprised me.

before that i had my first road-run with another person. as in we were actually running together, not just running in the same direction around the same time like housemate and i do in kotido. i was nervous that i wouldn’t be able to keep up as elizabeth has been a distance runner for, like, forever. but! i DID keep up and did just fine. the slight hills of gulu were a beast for this desert-flats runner, but i was still quite proud of myself.

this also lead me to do some major inclines while on the treadmill and elliptical.rock.

i do want to finish the c25k program as i think that finishing out those set intervals will help me push through that last mile that i’m struggling with and help prepare me for working up to the 8k. i’m no longer on a time frame for that as my leaving uganda is looming in the next 10ish weeks and i’ve decided that fewer commitments to stress me out is better. i will run when i want to and need to, and i’ll probably tell you about it here. but, no unnecessary stress!

one of my favorite things about running is that it allows me to shut off my critical bran and i can just sink into whatever music i’m listening to at the moment. the following is just a list of some personal favorites of the past four runs:

*MGMT’s albums “congratuations” and “oracular spectacular”
*the avette brothers album “emotionalism”
*united states of electronica’s album “u.s.e.”
*the propellerheads album “decksdrumsandrockandroll”

and the following playlist that i’ve had on shuffle for about a month now, it is simply called “what i’m currently obsessed with” (it was created as an OnTheGo playlist in the back of the truck between the south sudan border and gulu)


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